Let’s Chat FYODOR Natural Deodorant for Men*

Deodorants have always played an important part in our lives, and as we’ve evolved as humans so has the concept of deodorant. 

Although the fundamentals of masking body odors is still the premise, the product offering itself has seen great change over the past 14 years.

It all started back in 2006 when CFC’s were banned, due to the effects on the o-zone layer, previous to this nostalgic scents were sprayed in the school changing rooms after PE without a care in the world. It was a move that paved the way to where we are in 2020, where sustainability, natural and non harmful ingredients, function and design all come into play when designing and launching a new brand. 

FYODOR Natural Deodorant for Men personifies these factors and in fact when creating the brand set out with the goal to make the best natural yet premium deodorant for men, so men can smell great and stay healthy.

Non-toxic, the natural ingredients used guarantee long-lasting odour protection, without the harsh ingredients. This includes not using aluminium and baking soda which has previously been linked to health problems and sensitivity issues.

Furthermore, FYODOR celebrates their ‘Made in Britain’ stamp, with their products formulated and manufactured in a family-run factory based in England.

The initial launch sees two diverse scents on offer for even the most discerning of noses. These include:


Refreshing, bright, minty with earthy undertones – This scent of fresh eucalyptus and mint 


Energising, woodsy with hints of summer fruits and spices – This scent of woods comes through in a duey woody form. 

The scents are natural and inviting on the nose – Think cosy log fires in a serene woodland lodge, paired with aromas of both fresh fruits and recently-cut eucalyptus. Personally, both fragrances personify my personal desired scent pallet when it comes to purchasing grooming products. 

The packaging is outstanding, FYODOR have spent a lot of time considering the design and tones to offer bathrooms that Kinfolk life aesthetic. 

Priced at £14 or £11.99 (save 14.35% when you subscribe), the price tag is both affordable and when you’re investing in sustainability, health and British business economy for us, we’d prefer to pay this price rather than a £3 aerosol. 


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*This is a sponsored collaboration with FYODOR. Although this is sponsored content all opinions are my own and not those of the brand.



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