6 of the Most Exciting Men’s Fragrance Launches* (ad)

AD*Please note this is a sponsored post between Fragrance Direct and Mr Thirty-Something.

Now March is officially here, and we’ve worked hard on ourselves over January and February to create a ‘new year, new us’ it’s time to think about a scent that represents the end of product and the best versions of ourselves we want to portray, whether that be on a Hinge date or starting a new job, smelling good and feeling good is what the rest of 2019 is all about.

Therefore, I’ve collaborated once again with the fantastic online fragrance store, Fragrance Direct to bring to you, the 6 most exciting men’s fragrance launches of late. So, without further ado…


1. BVLGARI MAN – Wood Essence 

When urban meets nature. BVLGARI MAN – Wood Essence is a warm, wood and inviting aroma. Towards the end of the test spray, citrus notes came through for a clean finish. Absolutely one for the ‘woody’ scent aficionados out there.



Much like YVES SAINT LAURENT menswear, this fragrance is sophisticated and expressive. The Y edition is designed with the  Y man in mind, he likes to wear crisp white shirts and probably sticks to a plant-based diet. Notes of geranium lavender fused with sensual tonka bean make for a perfect everyday signature fragrance, which will definitely get the right attention.


3. ISSEY MIYAKE – L’Eau Super Majeure 

If you’re into more herby fragrances such as Jo Malone Herb Garden Collection, this fragrance is one for you. With notes of sage and rosemary, sweetened with vanilla and the masculine and exotic scent of leather this scent packs as much punch as a superhero (hence the super in the title).  One for special occasions or for the expressive gent.



Ok, hands down this one wins the design aesthetic award. This is certainly a spring fragrance, offering notes of bergamot, musk and spiced wood it’s the perfect spring fragrance and isn’t overbearing, making it a good daytime go-to. It’s fresh, classy and unpretentious. A perfect gift, if you’re looking for a good and delightful all-rounder.


5. ABERCOMBIE & FITCH – First Instinct Blue Men

I was a big fan of Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce back in the day, so was excited to try out their latest release in the form of First Instinct Blue. The fragrance has everything I loved about Fierce, but I feel it’s developed with the changing of my age and more sophisticated and subtle. The usual notes of frozen apple paired with amber tonic, sandalwood and cardamom fuse together to create a thrilling and fearless fragrance, and will be one of the fragrances I will be reaching for daily from my dresser. Good to have you back in my life Abercrombie!


6. D&G GREY 

A charismatic fragrance for a charismatic gent! Grey is a combination of citrus and earthy notes such as grapefruit and cardamom. Once the fragrance settles, notes of tobacco and amber come through. A combination that creates a modern and elegant fragrance, perfect for date night – A real evening scent.

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