Why Cornerstone is the Perfect Gift for Him this Christmas*

This Christmas, give the man in your life a gift that will keep on giving past Christmas day.

It’s amazing how many of us guys out there don’t know how to prepare and care for our skin when shaving! So, the clever guys at Cornerstone have saved all the hassle of picking shaving products and wrapping them individually, with their Men’s Shaving Gift Box.


At just £30, the gift box contains everything a man needs for a smooth, comfortable shave, as well as a Personalised Razor Handle – So you can make him feel extra special!

The gift set also contains:

Six Razor Blades: German-engineered five sharp blades, with an Aloe Vera strip to gently glide over the contours of the face and a precision trimmer blade for those hard to reach areas. Crafted from Japanese chromium steel and a layer of titanium and diamond grade carbon to stay sharper for longer.


Blade Cover: To prevent any germs or dust building up on the surface, as well as looking more presentable on the bathroom sink.

Pre-Shave Face Scrub: An earthy pre-shave scrub, containing Cedarwood and actual Volcanic Sand! To help prevent nicks, cuts and shaving bumps (red bumps on the skin, left after clean shaving). This really helps to prep the skin, before the shaving gel for a closer shave.


Sensitive Shave Gel: Containing Ginger and Eucalyptus (my absolute favourite scent!) to protect, hydrate and help reduce irritation caused by shaving, particularly if you have coarse hairs and sensitive neck skin, like myself.


Post-Shave Balm: Containing all the freshness of Mint, with soothing Honey. When applied to skin straight away, post-shave this balm helps to moisturise and leave skin feeling refreshed.


Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of the Cornerstone gift set:

TDM’s shaving tips –

  • Try and shave straight after a shower and use the Shave Scrub in the shower for a close shave
  • Flannels are great when it comes to shaving, use this when opening the pores pre-Shave Scrub, wiping off the Shave-Scrub and pressing on the skin with cold water before using Post-Shave Balm
  • Take your time! Clean your blades in-between strokes more regularly and reapply Shave Gel to avoid irritation


To purchase the Cornerstone gift set this Christmas, head over to   

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cornerstone, all opinions expressed are all mine and not that of Cornerstone.

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