Hair Transplant Results

As many of you know, back in November of last year I underwent a FUE hair transplant at the Harley Street Hair Clinic, which was featured on GQ online.

Since November, I’ve received a lot of questions regarding the procedure, aftercare and of course…what it looks like now! So I thought I’d put together this blog post to tackle some of these questions and show you my results.

As you can see from the below image to the left, my hair was balding at a rapid pace and because of the location of the pattern baldness, from the left and right, there was no way of disguising this. It was only a matter of time before the front section of hair would thin completely to the point where I would have shaved my full head.

Credit: HSHC

Below is an image was taken on the morning of the surgery and as you can see by the markings and clear bald areas, this was where the donor hair from the back of my head was going to go.

Credit: HSHC

Question Time

A few questions I’ve had regarding the procedure:

Q/ How long does it take?

A/ It depends on how many grafts (follicles of hair) you’re having removed and placed in the donor area. In my case, it was 2,000 – which took sixteen hours in total, eight hours across two days and four hours extraction time and four hours implanting time per day.

Q/ Does the procedure hurt?

A/ It’s down to the person and how well they take to the tablets provided and local anaesthetic. Personally, I did feel some discomfort but that was due to feeling sick and dizzy after the tablets and the anaesthetic slightly wearing off. However, I’ve had two friends who have had the procedure done who felt no discomfort

Q/ How do you know what your hairline is going to look like?

A. This is a collaborative decision with your surgeon.  Your surgeon will suggest a hairline that looks natural, similar to the hairline lost and to suit your face. But, don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re not too sure on how they feel it should look.

A few questions I’ve had regarding recovery:

Q/ How long will I need to take off work?

A/ I took 2 1/2 weeks off and I’m so glad I did! Your recovery is in your hands for the moment you leave the clinic, so it’s important to follow the tablet schedule and spray your hair with the saline solution at the times required. You will then need to wash your hair twice a day. Take these 2 1/2 weeks for yourself, relax, stay elevated and do any rigorous activities. Sorry guys! No gym for two weeks.

Q/ Can I wear a hat after surgery?

A/ You can and the clinic you go to will most probably provide you with a lightweight baseball cap to wear. I purchased a flat cap, which I would advise investing in as it sits on the top of your head without putting any pressure on your head.

Q/ Are you happy with your results?

A/ YES! If you compare the before to eight months on, you can see a vast improvement in the fullness of the previously balding areas and the hairline appears much stronger.

Eight months post-surgery

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