Philips Special Edition Star Wars Shaver Unboxing & Review*

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and just in time for those Christmas lists, Philips Male Grooming has announced it will be launching five new special edition Star Wars inspired shavers as part of a global collaboration.

As an avid Star Wars fan and reliable source when it comes to grooming recommendations, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Philips SW7700 Star Wars Special Edition Light Side Men’s electric Shaver gift pack ahead of it hitting Boots stores.

Unboxing – First Impressions:

Before even unboxing the shaver, I could see that this wasn’t just a collaboration where a brand has stuck on a logo – The special edition range combines clever, never-before-seen design features emulating different characters from the Star Wars movie collection without compromising Philip’s premium cutting-edge technology.

It was a tough decision to reach, but I chose the Light Side! The special edition gift box features a cardboard slip, decorated in the infamous hues of the blue lightsabre alongside members of the Light Side include Luke Skywalker. Once the cardboard slip is removed, a black box with The Resistance logo is revealed containing the shaver and accessories.

Under the black lid, the interior packaging is revealed highlighting the features of the shaver, including; V-Track Precision Blade, 5-direction DynamicFlex heads, AquaTec wet & dry (giving the ability to be used in-shower) and SkinGlide Rings. Under each box compartment, I found the shaver charger, SmartClick precision trimmer and a very cool steel looking travel case, embossed with The Resistance travel lock logo, which is also featured on the shaver itself.

On the turquoise and silver handle, both Symbols of the Resistance and Light Side lightsabre become apparent and light up.

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Review – Putting it to the test

I gave the shaver a good charge, to ensure I got the full force using it the first time (sorry, couldn’t resist!). I love the fact the shaver charger indicator is a lightsaber.


I’ve got a very particular way of grooming my beard, which I do in two sections– 1) Trimming my beard 2) Shaving and contouring underneath the beard line and cheeks. I tend to tidy this up every -3 days and the shaver is actually designed to cut through three-day stubble, which helps to reduce skin irritation. For review purposes of the review, I put the SW7700 to the test with my cheek hair.

Before removing my cheek hair with the Philips SW7700 Shaver
After removing my cheek hair with the Philips SW7700 Shaver

The hair and skin on my cheeks can be very sensitive, particularly when using a shaver, so I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle the shaver effortlessly and delicately removed the hair. This is where the SkinGuide Rings and V-Track Precision Blade came into play.

Evaluation – Will I be joining The Light Side?

I’m officially enrolled. I’ve avoided traditional shavers in the past as, when I started shaving I felt they left me with skin burn, however, I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with the Philips SW7700 Shaver and been impressed with the quick and effective results. This is the ultimate gift for the Star Wars fan out there. Film merchandise can really vary in terms of quality, however, this is a very well thought out collaboration and is a beautiful collector’s item, as well as daily essential.

The Philips Star Wars Special Edition Light Side Men’s electric Shaver gift pack is available from Boots, RRP £219.99. Find out more info over at:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in cinemas from 14th December

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Philips, all opinions expressed are all mine and not that of Philips.

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