Review: Panasonic Bluetooth Sport Earphones RP-BTS10*

If you’re anything like me (basically, the male version of Bridget Jones) you would have also found the increase in Bluetooth products over the past few years a godsend – Yes, I’m that guy who no matter what have got through, pairs and pairs of wired earphones due to tugging out, stepping on and getting the wires caught.

Headphones are great, especially Bluetooth ones but lively in London close to the central line, the heat is too much for such headwear! So, what’s the solution here – Bluetooth earphones!

In collaboration with Panasonic, I’ve recently put their new Bluetooth Sport Earphones RP-BTS10 to the test for a week. I’ve used them in the gym, on the tube and whilst I write this very blog post – Here are my thoughts…


Sound Quality – A good balance of treble and bass, clear vocals, non-tinny, reaches a decent volume without reaching deafening levels.

Bluetooth Connection – I’ve tested a few Bluetooth devices in the past which have taken a lifetime to connect and not been recognised at times, the RP-BTS’10’s are recognised almost immediately by the iPhone Bluetooth connection, saving any awkward blasting out the phone moments on the tube!


Design – This is the first time I’ve tried over the ear-earphones and I love how secure the ultra-lightweight soft adjustable clips feel once placed over the ear. The sleek design, which also comes in blue, white and lime green looks stylish and slight Matrix-like – I’m a convert!

Price Point – I think £49.99 is a fair price point for such a versatile earphone, considering the quality both in the manufacturing, design and sound. They can be used whilst travelling, working and in the gym – no need to worry about sweat or rain as their also water-resistant.


For more information of the Panasonic Bluetooth Sport Earphones RP-BTS10, head over to

*This is a sponsored post with Panasonic, all opinions expressed are all mine and not that of Panasonic.


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