Summer Grooming Favourites

I’m really excited to share my summer grooming favourites with you guys, as I’ve recently discovered some incredible new brands and releases. It seems that brands are clocking onto the fact that us guys are paying more and more attention to our skincare and hair care routines and are developing products specifically tailored to our needs and requirements.

Please note, that all products featured have been gifted for review and photography purposes, however, the opinions expressed below are entirely mine and not those of the brands featured – this is a non-paid post.

The first product is the Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm. I’ve only recently started pre-cleansing and can see the improvement in my skin already. Pre-cleansing is the pre step to cleansing the face, which acts to remove oil, sweat, suntan lotion and makeup. A simple cleanser cannot remove these types of skin build-up alone, so it’s a vital step in the daily cleansing of the skin, morning and evening. The balm is a thick, textured formula and applied with a silicone exfoliator glove, which fits over your fingers and conveniently over the tube once applied. Available from 7th September from at £44.


The second product I’d like to share with you is Aveda’s new texture tonic. I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch dinner at Carousel London earlier this week. Already a huge fan of the thickening tonic, the texture tonic is the newest addition to the Aveda family, which when applied to hair pre-blow dry creates a disheveled, raw and effortless texture finished, with the help of epsom salt and cane sugar. Available from September 2017 from at £21.


Next up, it’s Jo Malone’s English Oak and Hazelnut Cologne.  Available for pre-order now, the cologne is crisp, woody and enticing – the perfect fragrance to be worn alone for a fresh scent or layered with a fruity or citrus cologne, such as Jo Malone Lime Basel and Mandarin. Pre-order now for shipping from 30th August 2017 from  30ml is £44 (£88 for 100ml).


Introducing MMUK MAN – a make-up brand for men, designed by men. You won’t find any shimmery bronzer on their website, more mineral matte bronzer designed to enhance the cheekbone, add a bit of depth to the face and give that golden glow even after the summer is over. They also sell a fantastic eyebrow powder, which fills any gaps in the brows to create a strong eyebrow, which really frames the face. Both products featured available from at £26 and £12.


Another fantastic matte moisturising lotion discovery in the form of LA MER – the moisturising matte lotionDesigned to tackle oil, shine, and pores, the lotion with hydrating ingredients from the sea leaves skin feeling hydrated and fresh. The formula is very lightweight and features gel capsules, containing miro-fine sea-sourced powder to eliminate shine – The perfect summer moisturiser. Available now from at £180.


Back to smelling great! ROJA have just released ELYSIUM – I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with a fragrance (so watch out anyone wearing it!). The notes that come out the most in ELYSIUM are Lime, Thyme, Musk, Valley Rose, Cedarwood, Labdanum Leather and Vanilla. It’s one of those fragrances you really have to try on your skin to fully appreciate it and looks at that bathroom shelf-worthy bottle! Available from at £225.


Finally, I give you OLVERUM bath oil. Containing my favorite scent and floral Eucalyptus, the oil is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing end of day bath. As well as smelling great, it’s also perfect for soothing aching muscles, relieving stress, and promoting a restorative sleep that can help revive a tired immune system. Travel set from at £19.

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