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How to Wear Yellow

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Jumper by Superdry

It’s one of SS17’s brightest and biggest trends, but as an unfamiliar colour to add to your palette, it’s easy for one to get stuck on how to wear the hue without clashing or looking too glaring! Well, look no further as I present to gyou my top five tips on how to wear yellow.

Tip 1: Pick the right yellow

Yellows can come in numerous variants, therefore ensure you pick a yellow which will complement your skin tone and not wash you out. Mustard tones are on the more flattering end of the scale than neons or custards!

Tip 2: Match with tones, not colours (besides blue denim!)

Yellow is already such a statement tone that match it with another colour and you could end up with a mismatched outfit. Therefore, mix with tones such as black, grey and white. These will not only mute the yellow, but will give shape and structure to the item to you are wearing

Tip 3: Only wear one piece of yellow

Yellow is a statement colour, so focus it on one area – either go for a yellow jacket, jumper, trousers or hat and dress the rest of the outfit around this.

Tip 4: Yellow and blue denim are best of friends

Yellow and blue are very close to each other in the colour wheel, so no wonder yellow and blue denim are a recipe for success. Opt for a mid to light pair of jeans or denim shirt to make the yellow and denim look work.

Tip 5: Add a leather jacket to give yellow the rock and roll factor

Chuck a leather biker jacket over yellow to toughen it up and give the classic all black rock and roll look a spring/summer feel.

3 comments on “How to Wear Yellow

  1. Thanks for the interesting talk at blogcon this weekend, have mentioned you in my latest post:
    xx finja

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  2. nina webb

    Such a cute shade of yellow!


  3. Going to rock a yellow tee under a leather jacket for sure!


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