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THE HAIR PROJECT: Week Three – Hair Creams

Welcome to week three of ‘THE HAIR PROJECT’. Last week I put hair creams under the microscope (well on my hair).

Hair creams, also known as styling creams, are probably one of the most common hair styling products out there. They come in a thick liquid form and offer a light shine and natural hold.

Here’s the lowdown on creams:

Finish A light, natural hold with light shine, which won’t dry out

Best for Any hair type including frizzy and curly

Tips To add volume, use as a blow dry cream and apply again to finish the style

Hair cream products put to the test

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American Crew Foaming Cream, £8.65 available from

Only a small amount required (pea size), foamed up nicely on the hands and coated the hair follicles well. Gave a nice medium hold, light shine and smelt fresh.

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Mojo Styling Cream, £14 available from

A slightly thicker texture than American Crew, so a bit more  product was required. Gave my hair a good texture, whilst taming frizz. The packing is really high-quality and luxury, which felt consistent with the product.

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Scaramouche + Fandango. Cream, £12 available from 

I was REALLY impressed by Scaramouche + Fandango’s pomade, so was looking forward to trying out their hair cream.

The cream came in the form of a shimmery, medium-thick texture. It gave my hair the best shine out of all the products tested in this category, as well as light hold, which didn’t dry out.

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Man Cave Conditioning Styling Cream, £8.50 from

Smelt great! you can smell the shea butter and argan oil the moment you open the pot. The texture was really whipped and creamy and provided a good, light hold. What I liked the most about this product, is that my hair felt really hydrated after washing out.

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