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THE HAIR PROJECT: Week One – Hair Pomades

Welcome to ‘THE HAIR PROJECT’ – a series of four posts, posted over four consecutive weeks. Where each week I will only be using one type of hair styling product – as well as trialling a few products available within this category. At the end of each week, I will be writing up and sharing my thoughts and reviews.

For week one it’s the turn of hair pomades. I wanted to start off with hair pomades, as I’ve never actually tried a pomade on my hair before. So was eager to find out what all the buzz around them was all about.

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Pomades are a styling product designed to leave your hair looking ‘Danny Zuko/Elvis Presley’ slick. They’ve had a recent resurgence, due to the growing popularity of skyscraper pomps, classic Slick backs and pompadours.

Pomade products come in a waxy and greasy form, which gives more control than a gel or wax would give. This is due to the fact that pomades are made from either silicone or are water-based. Because of this pomades don’t leave your hair dried out, which is particularly important as we go into Summer and it starts heating up.

Here’s the down low on pomades:

Finish A slicked, controllable, high shine.

Best for Longer hairstyles (3-6 inches)

Tips Invest in a good quality clarifying shampoo, as it can take a few washes to get out

Hair pomade products put to the test

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American Crew Pomade, £11.40 available from

Only a small amount required here as my hair is not particularly long. This gave me a good medium hold and a high shine.

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MITCH (by Paul Mitchell) Barber’s Classic, £11.96 available from

A little creamier than the others, this tamed my natural hair frizz well, smelt good and gave my hair a good shine with a medium to firm hold.

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Damion Barber Hair Pomade, £20 available from

Good enough to eat! smelt like raspberries. Provided  a glossy texture and strong hold.

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Osmo Elite Pomade, £ 6.99 available from

Again another fruity number! this gave me good hold and left no sticky residue on my hands. Washed out easily as well.

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